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hello, i want you all to know about this breeder ATILA +40770249730 from romania, city covasna! him breed turkish kangals and malalkli! i go in his kennel, i see the adult! i like the quallity! but they was non agresive with me as a stranger! i even can touch them and make pictures! i hoose the biggest puppy male! very beautiful but on his left side him have spot 2 cm hair loss! breeder told me is from raw meat! i belive him and buy the puppy!after 3 weeks
on the puppy apear many big spots with hair loss! i go test the skin and i found out is MANAGE! very dangerous! i contact the breeder and ask for replacement dog! him
refuse all i ask! no replasment puppy! no money back and call me liar! DONT BUY FROM HIM! SCAMER!


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