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Hi, If you are looking for a pet dog, I think Bernedoodle is the best choice. You can find a variety of sizes, and coat colors in the Bernedoodles. They are very intelligent and hypoallergenic, which makes them a good dog breed. Here you can find some best Bernedoodle breeders, if you have a plan to buy this special dog breed. 

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There are many different breeds of dogs and most of them have many positive traits. Here's how I, personally, rank them with some help from DogUrus:
1) Border Terrier 
2) Rhodesian Ridgeback 
3) Corgi (for those who want to live in an apartment or a city) 
4) Great Pyrenees (another good dog for transitioning into the country-side life ) 
5) Dalmatian (has high exercise needs, not for low energy people). The list continues...
6X)-Lion Shepherd/Rhodesian Ridgeback crossbreed which is difficult to find offline and can be expensive if found 

However, i suggest you to have a look at dogurus where you can find many breeds and their requirements for you so that you can make an informed decision about which dog breed is right for you!

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There are plenty of dog breeds, which can be proved best for the families. Many of these are listed in the above reply. All these dogs are perfect for any dog lovers. 

But I think one of the recent variation of Bulldog Merle French Bulldog can also be a perfect choice. These cute companions are attractive due to their unique and rare look. 

You can also look for the Maltese, wolfhoud, terrier, and beagle puppies. 

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