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Hello everyone!  I kept wondering what you think about the predominantly white  presa Canario  dogs.  i like one at Madness and i would really like to have one one day even if the price will be a high it seems something very rare and fantastic. even if the breed standard does not currently accept this color I am crazy about the white Presa Canario  but I am convinced that in a few decades many white presa will appear and that is why I want to get hold of such a Canario presa as soon as possible at any cost. how do you see this color in a presa Canario ? below I have left some pictures to give you an opinion and marvel at the special color of these Presa Canario . 







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If you resarch old bloodline of presa canario, first dogs from this breed you will descover many of them was white or hve many white collor in coat! but i did this reasarch 20 years ago when i was child! who dose dont know this is not old breeder, all breeders from tenerife recognise white presa canario, allso they are very agresive! true caracter of presa canario, working dogs

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