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Seven Sharky Make bandogs and sell pregnant females! What abot this??!!

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What about this topic? What you think? SEVEN SHARKY from Romania start to do any mix you ask and shipp pregnant females to client adress! You this this is good? Or os wrong? Dogs breeds is good to evolve in someting ellse, new breeds? Experimenting? Or they have to remain pure breed and stick to same standard made by FCI ???

" I can do Mix Bandogs on Demand," This time i do XXL Jagd terier x Malinoa, i can do presa x mastino, presa x tosa, presa x kangal, presa x alabai or i can do what ever mix you have ideea or project! I can buy adult female for you cross her with male you choose, check her to the vet and shipp her in your adress! https://youtu.be/mU1JAUOgNIM


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