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Dascultu Marius Daniel

the most beautiful quadruped contest

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Given the situation around the world, namely the Corona flu virus, I thought I would open a topic here to choose the most beautiful pet, any dog owner can post a picture of the dog here on the forum, and  others to vote, the post with the most appreciations is declared the winner !!!!  To participate in the photo contest you only need the most successful picture with your dog, no matter the breed, or if it has a pedigree, all it takes is to be beautiful and photogenic !!!  The contest will end on December 27 (one month from the beginning) during this time you can ask your friends, relatives, etc. to log on to the forum (maybe with Facebook in a few seconds) and vote for your quadruped !!  ATTENTION when posting the dog you must specify its name, breed, kennel (if it comes from a kennel) and age

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