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Hello everyone! today I will open a very interesting discussion for the presa canario  breeders and not only, I want to talk about the biggest presa canario breeder and importer in the whole world !! This is Randy B Green, a Presa Canario breeder with almost 25 years of experience in raising this breed, he lives in Tallapoosa Georgia (America), where after the dog sales the Presa Canario bought a real palace. He owns a number of 40 mature presa canario dogs, of which he breeds puppies from the best lines and sells worldwide. Over time he bought dogs from various breeders around the world to get his own line now called "DG Kennel", he has many friends from Spain Tenerife breeders and they in turn presa canario , the The best known and most important dog in the formation of the breed standard was bought by him, namely "indio de los cardones", in all the years of growth of this breed he imported dogs directly from the mother of the breed, from Spain. At the moment, out of this passion, he has created a business that brings him great success and offers him a more than decent life, he has sold dogs to many celebrities from America but also to many football players from there and not only. Last year, he earned $ 200,000 from dog sales. In the last 2 years the most sought after dogs are the black ones that are produced from Hades Of Seven Sharky Dinasty Kennel, his first black presa canario dog, imported from one of the largest presa canario  kennels in Europe, Seven Sharky Dinasty Kennel found in romanian. At the moment all the black presa canario are reproduced from the dog from Seven Sharky. also from Seven Sharky imported 2 females. This Randy B Green is also a French bulldog breeder, having as much success with them as he has with the presa canario . 







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