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Hello everyone,

                     I am perry wills new member here. As in my previous post that we are looking to add new family member(our new dog). So i am getting him from one of my friend living in jersey. And i am living in new york. And i want to know any pet shipping recommendations from you guys. 

Which service did you chosed. I got recommendation of one of the shipping service provider named Citizenshipper (site). There are also one of the option for me to ship my dog. But i am looking to know more options.

Feel free to tell your any good or bad experience which might help our community. 

Thanks in advance  

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Hello and wellcome here, did you find shipping for your dog? my own recomandation for future is to use one truck driver who carry goods not dogs because this way you will pay 10 times cheeper, i do this here in europe and i pay just 250 - 300 euro in stead of 900 - 1300 euro, send us pics with your dog

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