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  1. Hello, i am seven sharky from romania bucuresti, i breed presa canario sins year 2000, recently i go tenerife spain to buy new dog! New male for my kennel, i buy from beggining airplane tickets to go and come back! All goods just in same day i have to fly back home from madrid to bucuresti, airplane company TAROM told me i cant take my dog in airplane! I ask the reason on 10 emails and mabe 20 phone calls and in the end after more then 6 hours of stress and dispear they start talk with me! You can imagine what i go thru because i allrady pay the money for ticket, other money i dont have for new ticket, i was stuck in airport in madrid with no money for new ticket, no money for food and my new dog GUANCHE LINEA M very dangerous dog was in cage with muzzel and cant eat or dring water! I was afraid of him because him allrady try to bite me in tenerife once and i dont even have the guts to open cage and put water to him! So i was in desperate situation with no escape! First time they tell me Presa Canario is part of the dangerous dogs list law, after i tell them i am the President of Romanian Asociation Giurgiu Sharky and i know the law and i show them the law on internet, they change strategy and they tell me is against IATA rules to shipp presa canario! I just show them the rules from last IATA catalogue of 2020 were is no presa canario! Again they try tell me other lie! Is against own TAROM internal Rules! I found Tarom rules and list of baned dogs and again was no presa canario in it! Then they tell me presa canario is Spanish Mastiff, after i demonstrate to them they are very difrent breed of dogs they tell me presa canario have spanish mastif in blood! And refuse my dog to travel! In the end i ask money back and explain them i dont have other money to go home and they make this situation life dangerous for me and my dog! They tell me, mabe we return your money in 90 days! WTF? im romanian and TAROM is romanian company! The dog need water, food, i was afraid of the dog to open cage! Was so desperate hours! I spend over the night in airport in order to find way to go home! I ask money from my familly and find one truck who carry goods from spain to romania! I have to pay more then airplane ticket for this and i go in way home! When we stop first time i open the cage and put water and food for Guanche! And then every stop! I make from spain to romania 3 days and 3 nights! The taffest jurney of my life! You tell me what to do in this situation? Other thing! I have AWB proff of shipping presa canario with Tarom from Romania to Cairo in february 2020! I want to sue TAROM because make this to me for no reason! I will make allso complain to all goverment institutions!
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