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  1. hello, i want you all to know about this breeder ATILA +40770249730 from romania, city covasna! him breed turkish kangals and malalkli! i go in his kennel, i see the adult! i like the quallity! but they was non agresive with me as a stranger! i even can touch them and make pictures! i hoose the biggest puppy male! very beautiful but on his left side him have spot 2 cm hair loss! breeder told me is from raw meat! i belive him and buy the puppy!after 3 weeks on the puppy apear many big spots with hair loss! i go test the skin and i found out is MANAGE! very dangerous! i contact the breeder and
  2. What about presa x mastino? They allrady did this in USA And the mix was huge and very powerfull and dangerous for humans
  3. What about this topic? What you think? SEVEN SHARKY from Romania start to do any mix you ask and shipp pregnant females to client adress! You this this is good? Or os wrong? Dogs breeds is good to evolve in someting ellse, new breeds? Experimenting? Or they have to remain pure breed and stick to same standard made by FCI ??? " I can do Mix Bandogs on Demand," This time i do XXL Jagd terier x Malinoa, i can do presa x mastino, presa x tosa, presa x kangal, presa x alabai or i can do what ever mix you have ideea or project! I can buy adult female for you cross her with male you choose, chec
  4. A bracona cu caini ogari nu se numeste vanatoare ci braconaj pt ca animalul sufera! nu moare repede ca atunci cand este impuscat! ati vazut vre o data cand o haita de caini omoara un mistret? prin cat chin si agonie trece pana ce moare? nu sunt de acord cu legalizarea braconajului
  5. ideea ese ca liniile de lucru din china (cainii agresivi) ajung si pana la 3000 euro plus transport! si sunt cu mult mai mari decat cei europeni creati de unguri! cei din europa si romania se gasesc de la 500 euro bucata
  6. Can you be more specific? we dont understand! what is this for?
  7. How can we fix puppy ear if one stay down? Can you give me advise? i just buy one presa canario puppy from serbia! him have ears cut allrady! and one of his ear stay down! what i can do so i can fix the wrong one? thank you!
  8. Hello, nice to meet you! Every country ban difrent breeds for no reason! For example in romania Boer Boels are ban but the breed dont exist in romania!
  9. Hello, any brindle male for sale? How much? Plus shipping to viena austria?
  10. Hello, can you tell me when puppy will be rady to go? And how much cost one brindle male? Plus shipping to Viena Austria? Thank you
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