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  1. Hello, any brindle male for sale? How much? Plus shipping to viena austria?
  2. Hello, can you tell me when puppy will be rady to go? And how much cost one brindle male? Plus shipping to Viena Austria? Thank you
  3. Hello, were i can buy pair of Giant African Rats as pet? Do you know somewere? Thank you
  4. https://www.facebook.com/matt.biggerstaffkelly Matt i belive is best one in Europe in create new breed of dogs, create bandogs! more healthy, strong, agresive him use presa canario, mastino, pitbull, cane corso and many other dogs if you have more info about him and his dogs pls post here
  5. https://www.facebook.com/xerachlineam 0034659624269 I want to know more about Linea M dogs! character, what bloodlines are made from? price? available pupps? can be shipp? and new pictures! allso is white collor on presa canario can be called pure breed presa canario! thank you
  6. Any Pupps for sale? What Price? can you shipp to Ohio? thank you
  7. Hello, ell us if you have puppies for sale? how much cos one puppy? can you deliver to Ohio USA? is problem with shipping because Covid? pls share some pictures with puppies! thank you
  8. I know him from Fb! him post allmoust every day! any other breeder do you know?
  9. Badbandogs


    Post here your bandog
  10. I know him, i saw his dogs! they are rustic dogs! amazing agresive dogs! mabe because live in chain! mabe because old bloddline! yes some of them have iron bull bloodline in did! but most of them like 80% come from difrent kennel wich now staop producing dogs! RUCADEN Kennel! Guanche is my favorite one but him is Rucaden bloodline not Reganados...
  11. Hello, i want to know more about Reganados Blood Line Dogs! they are working line? they are in standard? they have FCI pedigree? what is diferance between Reganados dogs and Show line Presa? is Gustavo the owner of this kennel onest guy? and how much cost to shipp puppy from tenerife? thank you.... white presa canario are more agresive then brindle ones?
  12. hello, can anybady tell me were and how i can buy one african giant rat (gambian pouched rat) ? i want as pet and i know exist! thank you
  13. Do you know is linia m dogs come from romania?
  14. Badbandogs


    I need to shipp one dog from spain to barbados, anyone can help me? Thank you
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