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  1. Dogs can be in two category! Pets or Guard dogs
  2. first time father for guanche, pupps will be amazing
  3. 🔥Fire Cross🔥Guanche Linea M £ Ucanca de Baldios 💥Strong Blod Combination💥 Guanche Linea M x Ucanca de Baldios 100% Old Spanish Blood! Both of them Import Tenerife! 100% 💥WORKING LINE!💥 B In a few days we going to have litter from Guanche x Ucanca, Both dogs are Black, Agresive, Guanche very Dangerous dog allrady Bite 2 peoples!, Both old blood lines, only from Working dogs! Allso a lot of 💯 IRON BLOODLINE in here!💯, Both Agile dogs with Drive 100% http://worldpedigree.clubdogocanario.ru/parent-generator/build?mother=16193&father=16816 https://youtu.be/oetDlsyR04Q https://youtu.be/Qh6-
  4. If you resarch old bloodline of presa canario, first dogs from this breed you will descover many of them was white or hve many white collor in coat! but i did this reasarch 20 years ago when i was child! who dose dont know this is not old breeder, all breeders from tenerife recognise white presa canario, allso they are very agresive! true caracter of presa canario, working dogs
  5. Hello, are you sell them? or are for rehoming? can you share some pictures? thank you
  6. Do you know what is Fipronil? What you use to disinfestation your dogs for flea? Do you ever read on the product you use? Do you know what is the activ chemical solution they use to produce the product? Fipronil was used first for pesticide crops, they descover you can make cancer from this, and was Banned in all Europe! And Banned to use it on market in any product! But Romanian producer still use it today to produce ANTIPOUX MD product for desinfestation for flea and the active substance is Fipronil! Is true fleas died in mater of minutes and for 7-8 months not even one flea cant live on th
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