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  • New to the Dog Forum? Please Read!!!

    Here are our Dogs-Forum.com Rules and Policies. 
    Forum Rules

    Tone of Posts:
    We strive to keep Dogs-Forum.com a friendly and helpful place. We do not allow 'flaming', fighting, excessive cursing/vulgar language, rudeness, or name calling. Keep posts friendly and polite!

    Members will not always agree with you, just as you will not always agree with them. It is not rude for one member to disagree with another. Disagreements are inevitable when members come from many different walks of life. However, we do expect that disagreements remain civil. After all, we are all capable of disagreeing with another person in a respectful manner.

    Keep in mind that if you choose to respond to a post that breaks forum rules and also break a rule yourself then you are just as guilty as the member you responded to!

    Expressing opinions is fine, but do keep in mind that an opinion is not the same as a fact. Be prepared to back up any claims you make with reliable references. Do not get offended if someone asks for proof of something you state as fact. It is not rude for one member to disagree with another member's opinion or ask for proof of an opinion that has been stated as fact.

    Remember it can be hard to interpret tone of written words so please use your emoticons to help clarify when you need to! :thumbsup:

    Also, keep in mind how difficult tone can be to interpret as you read other members' posts. Participating in online forums does require posters to not be overly sensitive. Please do not read too much into comments and when in doubt please politely ask for clarification or report the post so that the mods can handle it.

    Do not get upset if a Dogs-Forum.com Team Member (aka Moderator) addresses a post that violates the rules within a thread. We do often PM however we are not obligated to. It is not uncommon in heated or fast moving discussions for a mod to just quote and address the issue right then and there. Letting people know that they broke forum rules and also telling them what we expect is part of our job. If you do not want to take the chance of being called out for your behavior on the open forum, then do not behave badly and break forum rules in the first place.

    Sharing Concerns and Reporting Posts:
    Should you feel that someone has broken our forum rules or have a concern with a thread/post then please click on the  in the lower right of the post, fill out the simple form, and send it to alert the Dogs-Forum.com Team of the situation. We generally are able to address issues quite quickly, however there may be times when no mods are online so please be patient. We will address it as soon as we are able.

    Should you have a concern about a member, an incident, the forum, etc. then please create a thread in the Talk to the Team section of the forum. Only you and the Dogs-Forum.com Team Members (Administrator included) will be able to view the thread.


    You may also PM any Moderator or place a Visitor's Message on our profile pages. New members, you will need a minimum of 5 posts to be able to send a PM but you should be able to post a Visitor's message.

    Forum Etiquette:
    Please do not post the same message in more then one thread or even more than once in the same thread as this makes things confusing for everyone.

    Please do not "bump" your threads up in the list just to get it more attention/views/answers.

    Please start one and only one thread to discuss a topic.

    If you refer to an old thread within a post, please link to it. There are many members here, many of whom will not be familiar with the old thread you referred to. Linking to the old thread within your post helps to facilitate clear communication.

    Please be mindful of reviving old threads. It is perfectly OK to revive certain threads such as a forum game. However, if you are asking a question or sharing that you are having a similar experience then it would most likely be best to create your own thread or PM the member you are hoping to speak to. Keep in mind that when a Moderator or member points out the date of a thread and/or that a member has not been on for quite some time they are only trying to help.

    Also be mindful when a moderator jumps in a thread and points out forum rules or makes a request. This is often done in large colorful text. The Dog Forum Team reserves the right to edit or remove any post or thread that violates a forum rule or ignores a request given by a moderator. While a PM is often sent, we are not obligated to do so. We do often place a reason for editing which can be read below the post, but again we are not obligated to do so. If a post has been edited or removed, it has broken the rules plain and simple.

    Trouble inserting pictures? Just copy and paste! Or use an a site like photobucket.com and insert via their instructions.

    Odds and Ends:
    Please be mindful of personal information you put on the internet (on any site). We do not edit or remove threads or posts unless they violate forum rules so information you post here could stay for many years or possibly longer. Threads/posts are kept so others can learn from similar situations. If you do not want others to know something, please do not put it on our site, or the internet in general.

    And last but not least, do not threaten to leave the forum because of a disagreement or a thread not going the way you would have liked. If you do so, do not be surprised if the Dog Forum Team makes your decision to leave permanent.

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