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  2. Cu totii asteptam primavara cu nerabdare , dar aceasta vine la pachet cu numeroase pericole atat pentru noi dar mai ales pentru patrupezii nostrii. Capusele sunt cele mai mari riscuri pentru caini,deoarece acestea pot aduce decesul animalului de companie.Toti proprietarii isi protejeaza cainii de acestea prin diverse produse dar nu toti stiu care sunt mai sanatoase pentru ei. Spre exemplu inca mai exista pe piata produse pentru deparazitarea externa a animalelor care contin FIPRONIL substanta activa care influenteaza intr-un mod nefavorabil reproductia acestora , spre exemplu catelele pot fii
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  5. Today I want to talk about the trip of my friend Seven Sharky to Portugal to bring back to his kennel a top specimen. a female produced in the famous kennel in Portugal WildBoyz kennel a kennel with huge potential in the world of canary press working dogs. The kennel that owns the giant Horus. The puppy's mother is Macarena de Kankas, an exceptional female and a good breeder. so Seven Sharky's new female has great potential to become a killing machine. The Sparta Wild Boyz kennel, like Seven Sharky, deals with raising working dogs, they have dogs with 100% Iron Bull blood, something very rare
  6. The Smallest, Smartest, Stylish and most adorable poodle breed is the toy poodle. It is not very different from other poodle varieties except for its size which stands even under 30 cm! And it weighs somewhere between 6 to 7 Kilograms. This canine comes in the category of one of the smartest dog breeds which are super intelligent and easy-going. Training this pup will never be a pain in your neck since it is effortlessly trained. Well, there are heaps of other most interesting toy poodle information and facts for you to know. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee and retain them all!
  7. Hello everyone! What do you think is the best working bloodline for Presa Canario?
  8. first time father for guanche, pupps will be amazing
  9. 🔥Fire Cross🔥Guanche Linea M £ Ucanca de Baldios 💥Strong Blod Combination💥 Guanche Linea M x Ucanca de Baldios 100% Old Spanish Blood! Both of them Import Tenerife! 100% 💥WORKING LINE!💥 B In a few days we going to have litter from Guanche x Ucanca, Both dogs are Black, Agresive, Guanche very Dangerous dog allrady Bite 2 peoples!, Both old blood lines, only from Working dogs! Allso a lot of 💯 IRON BLOODLINE in here!💯, Both Agile dogs with Drive 100% http://worldpedigree.clubdogocanario.ru/parent-generator/build?mother=16193&father=16816 https://youtu.be/oetDlsyR04Q https://youtu.be/Qh6-
  10. Hi, If you are looking for a pet dog, I think Bernedoodle is the best choice. You can find a variety of sizes, and coat colors in the Bernedoodles. They are very intelligent and hypoallergenic, which makes them a good dog breed. Here you can find some best Bernedoodle breeders, if you have a plan to buy this special dog breed.
  11. Today I will present perhaps one of the most important presa Canario males imported in Romania, it is the great reganados pirate imported directly from Spain by the kennel Seven Sharky and which reproduced many quality and aggressive dogs. Pirate is a dog with a 100% working blood. In all this time since he has been in Romania, he has proven that he is truly a dog that deserves its place in one of the most important kennels in Romania, Seven Sharky. at the same time it was highlighted by its strongly dominant character and by the reproduction of quality dogs. everyone loves pirates and eve
  12. If you resarch old bloodline of presa canario, first dogs from this breed you will descover many of them was white or hve many white collor in coat! but i did this reasarch 20 years ago when i was child! who dose dont know this is not old breeder, all breeders from tenerife recognise white presa canario, allso they are very agresive! true caracter of presa canario, working dogs
  13. more details? post some pictures with them
  14. Hello, are you sell them? or are for rehoming? can you share some pictures? thank you
  15. sa iti traiasca! este frumos catelul! are culoare frumoasa, are pedigree? vitamine si calciu iti recomand de la farmacia umana iar oua daca vrei sa ii dai dai fierte, mancare bua royal canine, carne macra cruda, oase de vita si multa miscare! spor la treaba
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